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Proofreading by Proofed Beyond Doubt

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Q: I have a spell checker on my computer – why do I need to use your services?

A: A spell checker alerts you only when you have typed something nonsensical, i.e. that it cannot recognise as a known word.

It will not alert you when you have used an incorrect spelling of a word in a particular circumstance. In other words, you may incorrectly use a word but the spell checker is not intelligent enough to recognise that – in the context used – the word is wrong.

Some simple examples are:

Most people reading your work will know which word should have been used, but your spell checker doesn't.

And although it will query a word that appears twice, it won't notice that a word is missing.


Remember, a properly proofed, edited and formatted document promotes a professional image and protects your reputation for quality work.

Whilst a spell checker can be a useful tool, you should never rely upon it to spot all your errors.