Proofreading by Proofed Beyond Doubt
Proofreading by Proofed Beyond Doubt

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How we proofread PowerPoint presentations

We feel that it is essential that your PowerPoint presentation is not changed by us, and that you retain full control over your slides.

Therefore, rather than working on your presentation directly, we simply import it into Adobe Acrobat as a PDF, retaining your slides' layout and design.

We then carefully work our way through your presentation, annotating the PDF with the corrections and other notes as appropriate.

When we have finished, we email you the proofed PDF with all annotations showing, and you will simply need to open this file using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Having reviewed our suggestions, you then update your presentation as required, meaning that you retain full control over your content at all times.

If you don't already have Acrobat Reader, please download it free direct from Adobe:

Adobe Reader


If you would like to see a small example of a proofread PowerPoint presentation, please click the following links:

Before Proofreading

After Proofreading