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Proofreading by Proofed Beyond Doubt

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Testimonials – Business Clients

‘As a consultant I am responsible for creating carefully researched reports for clients which may be published (in full or in part). Gordon has become an invaluable asset to my business where the timelines are tight, the expectations are high and discretion is essential. He is professional and collegiate and is able to work with reports where the material might initially be presented to him out of sequence.

Gordon also takes a keen interest in banking regulation and risk management, so he is the perfect ‘outside reader’ (and copy-editor) pointing out where clarification is needed, applying changes where necessary and supporting the continued evolution of my company’s style sheets.’

Anita D Millar, Director, ADM Risk, Regulation & Strategy

‘I found Gordon to be thorough, meticulous and accurate. His work is well researched and shows a high degree of care and initiative in trying to ensure that details are correct, inconsistencies ironed out and errors found. He was quick, reliable and flexible, even though the job required a lot more time than he had scheduled in.

He has a friendly, positive telephone manner, is patient and clear, and makes helpful changes. He does not appear to want to make changes for changes’ sake.

Equally he was very helpful and creative in generating ideas for the style guide. It was great to have someone to chat these things through with.’

Marie Birkinshaw, A Rocha magazine -

‘Thank you for your help on the marketing white paper. The deadlines were very short, but your help made it a lot easier. I really appreciate your effort and flexibility.’

John Jameson, Managing Director, Gloo Communications

‘We commissioned Proofed Beyond Doubt to help check the functionality and user-friendliness of our online Small Business Management software, Moobiz, before its launch.

As well as recommending changes to make the wording on the help screens and error messages even clearer, Gordon also suggested ways of making some of the navigation and other functionality more intuitive.

We found Gordon to be very thorough and very flexible, and his feedback was clear and precise, with logical explanations and detailed solutions. This enabled us to easily tweak our software to make it even better.’

Matt Fenn, Director, Mooloop Ltd, web design/development/marketing

‘Thank you so much for your thorough proofreading services. I now feel confident in handing in my clinical reports, knowing that they are completed to a very high standard. Grammatical errors were corrected, technical terms checked, inaccuracies highlighted and new legislation pointed out. A thorough, reliable service and extremely quick too. All in all, an excellent service. Many thanks Gordon.’

V.E.A., Occupational Therapist

‘I asked Gordon to provide editorial support for the production of a high level strategy document. He delivered to a very tight deadline, working methodically and to a high standard.’

Penny Poole, Godwin Symons

Many thanks to our clients for kindly giving their permission to publish their comments.