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Testimonials – Students

Please see important note below.

‘Thanks so much again for all your help with my thesis Gordon. Your suggestions and revisions look absolutely brilliant.

I am really delighted with your input and really appreciate the extra effort I know you gave my thesis, which, you will be glad to hear has now been submitted.’

 - C.G., PhD student

‘Working with Proofed Beyond Doubt was a pleasure and gave me added confidence when handing in my undergraduate dissertation.

Communication with them was prompt and my questions about the process were answered clearly. Their website is also very thorough.

Suggestions and comments relating to my work were well thought through and tactfully made, and the work put into proofreading my dissertation was evident in the final draft – which was word-perfect.

Proofed Beyond Doubt provide a high-quality service which represents real value for money.’

 - P.E., BA student
 - BA in Social Work

‘I would like to express my gratitude for your dedication, motivation, commitment and constructive feedback, that followed every step of the project.

I believe you are a very competent professional and a highly skilled proofreader.

My dissertation will soon be submitted and I will advise my colleagues of your services. Hopefully, they will not be on such tight deadlines as I was!’

 - O.Z., BSc student (ESL)

‘I just finished checking all your comments, which were very helpful to me! I never expected that you would still find so many things in my dissertation …

Thank you very much for all your help!’

 - S.M., MSc student (ESL)

‘I have received the two copies of my dissertation and finished checking them.

Thank you very much for the proofreading as the work looks a lot better now … I am so glad you proofread my dissertation because you are very professional and not only checked the grammar of my work but also checked everything else thoroughly.

I am 100% satisfied with the work indeed.

Thank you so much again for all your hard work. I truly appreciate it!’

 - M.H., MSc student (ESL)

‘Many thanks to you for your generous help and support.

I shall recommend your service to all of my friends. It was quick and professional.

Thank you!’

 - N.A., MA student (ESL)

‘Thank you for your proofreading. I went through all the files and very much appreciate your good work.’

 - W.X., BSc student (ESL)
 - BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting

Many thanks to our clients for kindly giving their permission to publish their comments.

Important note - student proofreading

Please note that we have changed our business model and now concentrate on commercial work, and no longer offer a proofreading service for students.

However, if you need help with your thesis, dissertation or essay, we recommend you contact Hilary Trick of Hilary Trick Proofreading. She provides an affordable and accurate proofreading service for all students and specialises in editing and proofreading for students for whom English is a second language.

For more details, please visit her website by clicking on the image below.

Hilary Trick Proofreading